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DiscoVille: A Star Trek DISCOVERY and THE ORVILLE Podcast Episode 35: Can You Open This Jar of Pickles?

January 18, 2019

Welcome to DiscoVille where we discuss both Star Trek DISCOvery AND The OrVILLE here on the Fandom Podcast Network. On this show we take an in-depth look at each of these shows and discover that both of them can co-exist in today's they introduce us to fresh, new and exciting stories, characters, galactic destinations and so much more!

In this episode of DiscoVille join Amy, Hayley, Kevin & Kyle as they take a deep dive into episode 3 of season 2 of the Orville Home.  We take a deep dive into this powerful episode of The Orville as we possibly say goodbye to a member of the Orville crew and wonder if this crew member will be seen again in some fashion on the show.  Is episode 3 of a season the magic number for the Orville?  Last season episode 3 About a Girl upped the game and how people saw the show, it look like episode 3 of season 2 will change how people see the show yet again.  Also we promise to use the soup ladle.  

The crew then opens up the subspace signals to discuss the latest Star Trek show announcement spinning off Michelle Yeoh's Empress Georgiou into her own Trek spinoff, plus we read and respond to some listener e-mail.

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