Culture Clash: The Orphan Black Special

June 16, 2017

Five years ago the BBC brought us one of the most diverse, intelligent and crazy shows that Sci-Fi has seen in a long time.  That show was Orphan Black.  Dealing with so many topics and a show that truly embraced all types of people it has grow an strong cult following and has produced a generational acting performance as well.

Orphan Black is a show that does not hold back, including dealing with topics such as science vs religon, genetic modification, a humans right to play god, relationships of all kinds and also giving the viewers some of the craziest WTF moments in sci-fi history.   Led by the sensational performance of Tatiana Maslany Orphan Black has been something new and fresh over the last five years that even the most die hard of fans dont know what to expect each episode.

As we prepare for the 5th and final seaon of Orphan Black Join Norman, Kyle and guest Sestra Hayley Stoddart as we take a look back at the first four seasons of this show and what has made it so amazing to each one of us.  Then we take a look into what we think will happen in this final season.  Finally we share what we think are the best of the WTF moments of Orphan Black.  If you are already a member of the clone club we hope you join us for this great episode, and if you have not joined the club then what are you waiting for take a listen and get in on the Black.   Let's do this!

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