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Culture Clash Special: THE KILLER OF GRASSY RIDGE! Interview with Director Johnny K. and actress Heather Stone!

February 11, 2020

Culture Clash Special: THE KILLER OF GRASSY RIDGE! Interview with Director Johnny K. and actress Heather Stone!

The Killer of Grassy Ridge premieres tonight, Monday, 8pm EST, February 10, 2020 on YouTube!

See the film that calls "A solid atmospheric short... eerie creepiness right from the start."


Welcome to a very special episode of Culture Clash on the Fandom Podcast Network! Coming Monday February 10 is an instant Horror Short Classic, "The Killer of Grassy Ridge"! Culture Clash hosts Kevin and Kyle interview director Johnny K. and co-star Heather Stone.

Press Release:
A Film By Kaotica Studios 

The Killer of Grassy Ridge is a new short film premiering on YouTube on Feb. 10, 2020.
Shot on location in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley in late 2019, Killer… was purely a personal challenge project for first-time director Johnny K., to storyboard, write, cast, shoot, and edit a completed film in just 60 days, on a micro-budget using only equipment he had on-hand. According to Johnny, the point was to stop procrastinating and making excuses about equipment not being good enough, and to just get out there and make a damn movie.

As a result, Killer… was shot almost entirely on a Nikon D3300 DSLR with minimal equipment, using only natural light (sunlight and firelight). The budget, or lack thereof, dictated a horror film. According to Johnny, he knew he’d come away with some great footage and fun things to chew on in the editing room, but the solid performances of the actors changed the direction of the film. 

“When I saw the first rough-cut under that creepy music, suddenly there was this dark tension that I got work with, and I hadn’t really counted on having that. Heather and Mike (actors) absolutely brought their A-game which cranked everything up a notch,  so I tweaked the film in the editing room to much more of a performance piece than the simple “slasher flick” that I’d originally envisioned. 
They say there’s the movie you write, the movie you shoot, and the movie you edit, and I had no idea what that meant until I made this film.”

Post-production completed in early January, just 63 days from sketching the initial storyboard. The film is currently on the festival circuit, and has already been selected as one of ten films to screen at the 2020 Bloody Flicks Awards in the UK. The Killer of Grassy Ridge stars Heather Stone and Michael Stumbo, and features music from Italian composer Mattia Cuppeli and Doug Maxwell. It premieres on YouTube on February 10, 2020. 


Contact Information:
Johnny K on Social Media: 
Twitter: @KaoticaStudios
Twitter: @ThatJohnnyKGuy 

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