Culture Clash: Beru Stew Special w/ Riley Blanton of The Star Wars Report!

June 8, 2017

Kevin & Kyle welcome a very special guest to the Culture Clash Star Wars Beru Stew, Star Wars segment. We are honored to have Riley Blanton, founder and host of The Star Wars Report Podcast.

We interview Riley Blanton about his Star Wars history Fandom, The Star Wars Report Podcast origins, his podcast highlights, and he shares some of his favorite Star Wars  Celebration memories.

Then, our interview with Riley, gets extra awesome! Riley discusses his recent trip to Ireland's Skellig Michael, otherwise know as Luke Skywalkers's planet in Star Wars Episode 7 & 8, "Ahhhchoo"! *Gesundheit*, errr we mean Ahch-To:-)

But we save the best for last!  Riley, shares with us a very special video project that we here at the Fandom Podcast Network are proud to help him share, as we are part of his "Digital Street Team". On Monday June 12th, 2017, he will release a special Star Wars VLOG video called "Faith In My Friends". A video tribute to his extended Star Wars friends and family who have supported him and shared his excitement and love for Star Wars Fandom!

In Riley's own words, he says:
"Hey guys! So my long coming, Star Wars Celebration VLOG turned into a mini-documentary! AND IT COMES OUT MONDAY, July 12, 2017! "Faith in my Friends" BTW yes, I shot the intro at Skellig Michael, it was awesome!" -Riley

Enjoy this special Culture Clash Beru Stew interview with Riley Blanton!

P.S. Also in this interview, you get to listen to Riley drive up to a Starbucks window and order his coffee, and we request they put a Star Wars name on his cup. Listen and find out what it is!

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