Culture Clash: A Mission of Discovery

September 28, 2017

There are moments in Fandom that happen that we just know when they do they become as a good doctor said once a fixed moment in time, For one of the biggest fandom's in the world Sunday Sept. 24 was one of those fixed moments in time, after 12 years A new Star Trek show debuted and being the first true Star Trek show to come out in the age of social media and also being distributed not on television but through and exclusive pay streaming service as had this show more analyzed and scrutinized than any Star Trek show before it Star Trek Discovery premiered to much fanfare positive and negative.

However while Discovery was true Star Trek in name another show that is very much Star Trek in it's own unique spirit came out in the Seth MacFarlane created the Orville.  Pulling with great love for Star Trek as well as some of the spirit of Galaxy Quest the Orville with three episodes out at the time of this recording has proven itself to share that kindred spirit to Star Trek.

Join the FPNet Founders Kyle, Kevin and Norman this very special podcast her on the Fandom Podcast Network as we look at both Star Trek: Discovery and the Orville.  We are glad you are listening for this mission of Discovery!  Hailing Frequencies open! 

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