Culture Clash 59: Surviving Irma and Michael Morris!

September 19, 2017

Kevin is back with your NEW Culture Clash co-host the GLORIOUS ONE MICHAEL MORRIS! Wait though is he did Kyle perhaps survive hurricane IRMA after all? Did Kevin Jump the gun? if Kyle is gone does that mean the end of the Spot Monkeys on FPNet?  Was Irma just a large Kaiju cover up?  All these questions and more will be answered in the latest edition of the Culture Clash!  Plus some Beru Stew talking about the return of J.J. the latest Let's News!, A little buy IT, steam IT or unsee IT as we decide just what to do with IT and talk about the new Fox show the Orville as well.  Plus Kevin brings us the Hayden Christensen Sci-Fi action movie Jumper out of the video vault!  We are picking up the pieces after Irma but still let's do this thing!

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