Culture Clash 47: Happy 40th Star Wars

May 25, 2017

In episode 47 of Culture Clash Kevin and Kyle wish a very Happy 40th Anniversary to Star Wars with a special Beru Stew segment, they guys also discuss the pictures and news that is coming in the special issue of Vanity Fair.  In Let's News we remember Roger Moore as well as discuss the new Game of Thrones season 7 Trailer, Universal's "Dark Universe" the new trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming as well as the other Tom Holland news plus we discuss two of Netflix's most recent announcements with the Dark Crystal and Castlevania.  In Buy it, Stream it, or Unsee it Kevin talks Beauty and the Beast as well as Snatched.  While Kyle plays TV catch-up and discusses season 2 of Fear the Walking dead right before Season 3 is about to start, then they guys go into their Alien Covenant experiences and we will see if it is a buy, stream or unsee. Finally Kevin goes deep into the Video Vault to bring us the 1992 Sci Fi film Fortress (could there be a highlander connection?)  Plus the film does take place in 2017.  It is a Star Wars Anniversary packed episode on this very special day!  Let's do this thing!

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