Culture Clash 45: Rick Moranis and Saving the Galaxy Again

May 13, 2017

In the latest episode of Culture Clash we are jammed full of goodness with new co-host Rick Moranis (wait he looks way to much like Kevin!) and Kyle diving into a jammed filled week of news and new trailers in Let's News.  Then it is off to the newest segement on Culture Clash as we serve up some Beru Stew and talk about the amazing trooping Kevin did for May the 4th be with you.  (Also why Rick Moranis is now part of FPN lol.)  From there it is on to Buy it, Stream it or Unsee it and it is all about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 however all this Marvel movie talk awoke the Crazy FPN magic 8 ball, the one that asks the questions instead of answers them this time around it wants to know Kevin and Kyle's top 8 MCU films and if we think any of the upcoming films can change that top 8.  Finally we raid Kevin's video vault and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Sci-Fi Classic the Fifth Element!  All this and so much more, LET'S DO THIS THING!!

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