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Culture Clash 175: Fandom Hall of Fame Duo’s

July 3, 2020

Culture Clash 175: Fandom Hall of Fame Duo's

Yes the Fandom Hall of Fame Returns for this weeks Culture Clash as we induct the best Duo's from movies and TV into the Fandom Hall of Fame!  Who is in?  Who is waiting until the next round, who did we get right and who did we miss? Let us know!

Also in let's news we remember a true Hollywood legend, talk what is going on with Wonder Woman 3 and play yet another round of the Movie Shuffle.

In Buy it, Stream it or Unsee it Kyle take a trip back to the past of the 25th Century with a look at the Buck Rodgers classic two part series premiere, Kevin takes things International with Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga and also a trip back to the 80's with The Osterman Weekend!

All this and the Hall of Fame for Duo's to!

Let's Do This Thing!!!!!   Happy 4th Everyone!!!!!!!!

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