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Culture Clash 174: Now the news, Don’t Touch that Dial

June 28, 2020

Culture Clash 174: Now the news, Don't Touch that Dial

In what was suppose to be a week off for Culture Clash the news dictated otherwise so Kevin and Kyle are here to bring it all to you!

In Let's News Cobra Kai has found a new home with Netflix, could Michael Keaton be returning to a familiar suit?  Hulu getting more original Fox programs, Hamilton is coming to Disney+, new Transformers on netflix and of course to we discuss the passing of director Joel Schumacher and his impact on the movie industry.

In Buy It, Stream It or Unsee It Kyle talks some Stargirl from DC while Kevin talks What We Do in Secret and Guns Akimbo.

Finally we have some fun as we talk 80's movie properties that did not have toy lines but should have.

Let's do this thing!

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