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Couch Potato Theater: Near Dark (1987) & Where Is Jenny Wright? We Find Out!

October 17, 2020

Couch Potato Theater: Near Dark (1987) & Where Is Jenny Wright? We Find Out!

Welcome to Couch Potato Theater here on the Fandom Podcast Network. On Couch Potato Theater we celebrate our favorite movies! You may own your favorite movies digitally, or on physical media. However when they air on your cable TV, you love what you are watching so much, you don't get off the couch! And that's the definition of what Couch Potato Theater is all about. 

Couch Potato Theater: Near Dark (1987)
Join us on the Couch as we look back and celebrate one of the best vampire films and cult fan favorites, Near Dark (1987)! This movie has a high re-watchability and represents everything that Couch Potato Theater is all about.

Near Dark is a 1987 American neo-Western horror film co-written and directed by Kathryn Bigelow, and starring Adrian Pasdar, Jenny Wright, Bill Paxton, Lance Henriksen and Jenette Goldstein. The plot follows a young man in a small midwestern town who becomes involved with a family of nomadic American vampires. Despite performing poorly at the box office, critic reviews were very positive. Over the years, the film has gained a cult following.

For this special presentation of Near Dark (1987), your Couch Potato Theater co-hosts Kevin and Erin celebrate one of their favorite movies of all time and discuss why this film means so much to them. Near Dark stars several cast members from the movie Aliens which had just been released in theaters the previous year. Near Dark shows a dark and unique interpretation to the Vampire genre. Kevin and Erin also answer the three big questions that fans have wondered about Near Dark:


- Why no "V' word (Vampire) said in the film?

- Blood transfusion, Vampire cure?

- And the biggest question fans have asked, where and and what is Jenny Wright up too?

Sit back and relax on the couch and enjoy this special presentation of Couch Potato Theater: Near Dark (1987)!

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