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Blood of Kings 115: Seacouver Tour Chronicles Part 5: Interview w/ Highlander Actor Jay Brazeau & “Song of the Executioner” Theater Supervisor Paul Bartlett.

August 26, 2019

Blood of Kings 115: Seacouver Tour Chronicles Part 5: Interview w/ Highlander Actor Jay Brazeau & "Song of the Executioner" Theater Supervisor Paul Bartlett.

In April of 2019, your Blood of Kings Highlander Podcast host Kevin Reitzel joined Location Master Andy Sloane for his Seacouver 2019 tour in the beautiful city of Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver Canada provided the filming locations for the fictitious city of Seacouver for the 1990's Highlander TV Show. The first half of each season was filmed in Vancouver, then the second half of the season moved production and location to Paris France.

Andy Sloane has been running these tours of Seacouver / Vancouver for several years. His knowledge of the Highlander filming locations is extensive and very well organized and researched. Your Blood of Kings host Kevin Reitzel spent a week in Vancouver with Andy touring many locations from most of the Highlander filming locations in the Vancouver area which included many fan favorite episodes and iconic Highlander scenes and locations.

- Our interviews for this Seacouver Tour Chronicles Part 5 is with Highlander TV series actor Jay Brazeau and with Paul Bartlett, the Gateway Theater Building Services Supervisor, where the episode "Song of the Executioner" was filmed.
Kevin's first interview is with iconic character actor Jay Brazeau. Jay has been in many television and movie productions like The Watchman, Horns, Insomnia, House of the Dead, The Exorcist TV series, Bates Motel and many more. Jay Brazeau also has many voice acting credits too. Jay was in two Highlander (TV Series) episodes as Commissioner Cominski in "Bad Day in Building A" (1992) and "Free Fall" (1992). Jay discusses his experience working on the Highlander TV show, and what it was like working during the booming Vancouver TV and movie industry in the 1990's.

Kevin's second interview is with Paul Bartlett, the Gateway Theater Building Services Supervisor. This location is where the episode "Song of the Executioner" was filmed which included the famous fight between Duncan & Kalas, where Duncan dies in front of Anne Lindsay. Paul gave Andy and Kevin a personal tour the beautiful Gateway Theater. Paul talks about his experience working with the Highlander crew and cast during the filming of that iconic Highlander episode "Song of the Executioner". 

Kevin would like to thank his Special Guests Jay Brazeau and Paul Bartlett for being on the Blood of Kings Highlander Podcast.

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