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Blood of Kings Episode 0: Mission Statement plus a Bonus

May 27, 2016

BLOOD OF KINGS is THE Fandom Podcast Network show dedicated to exploring the Highlander fandom; one movie, one television episode, one novel, one game and one aspect of the Highlander universe at a time.

On this special episode ZERO, co-hosts Norman C. Lao and Kevin Reitzel will introduce you to the “mission statement” for Blood of Kings, and discuss the most important reason for investing all of this work, passion, good will and sacrifice into this podcast: WHY? WHY…are they doing this?

Also as a bonus feature for this show: On Saturday May 20th, 2016 - Norm had the incredible opportunity for attending Adrian “Duncan MacLeod” Paul’s PEACE Fund charity dinner in Burbank, California. He had the pleasure of being able to connect with such amazing Highlander alumni like Adrian, Elizabeth Gracen and David Abramowitz. It was a glorious evening full of fun, food, friendship and especially…for a great cause.

Thank you everyone for listening and please enjoy this very special launch episode for BLOOD OF KINGS - here on the Fandom Podcast Network.

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