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Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast Special! LashCon Events Highlander 30th Anniversary Gathering Update!

November 23, 2016

This week on Blood of Kings, while Norman is on a secret Watchers Mission, Blood of Kings co-host Kevin Reitzel and guest co-host and fellow Fandom Podcast Network Co-Founder Kyle Wagner, interview special guest Michael Lashman, ownser and organizer of LashCon Events Highlander 30th Anniversary Gathering in Lakeland Florida this December 3-4 at the Lakeland Cwenter Convention Hall.

With the convention only about a week away, Kevin & Kyle Interview Michael Lashman about all of the updated events and guests at this eagerly awaited Highlander 30th Anniversary Gathering.  Michael also updates us all on the special ticket & autograph packages, hotel and parking, and a special added event with Adrian Paul & Elizabeth Gracen!

Kevin and Kyle also give an update on the Blood of Kings activities at this Highlander 30th Anniversary Gathering, including fan & guest podcast interview and the Friday Night Blood of Kings pre-gathering meet up!

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