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Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast Kingmaker #8 Special: Interview with Amanda herself, Elizabeth Gracen!

March 23, 2018

Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast Kingmaker #8 Special: Interview with Amanda herself, Elizabeth Gracen!

Welcome Highlander Fans to a very special Kingmakers Episode on Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast, here on the Fandom Podcast Network. We interview the amazing Elizabeth Gracen!
Recently on Blood of Kings episodes #70 & #71, we covered the Highlander The Raven two part episodes "A Matter of Time" & " The French Connection". Once again, our beloved Elizabeth Gracen takes center stage as AMANDA, our favorite mischievous cat-burglar from Highlander The TV Series. Kevin and Norman are proud to present this exclusive interview with star of Highlander The Raven, Amanda Darieux herself... Elizabeth Gracen!

In this exclusive interview, we talk to Elizabeth about her experience at the Highlander Worldwide Convention in Los Angeles last October of 2017. We also discuss her and Adrian's amazing performance in "Love Letters" at that convention. Then we dive deep into Highlander The Raven as Elizabeth talks about the production moving from Vancouver to Toronto, working with Helen Wu and learning the martial art of The Flying Rainbow Fan Kata. We keep discussing The Raven production with Elizabeth and working again with Jim Byrnes and Valentine Pelka. We also ask the big question... where does Amanda hide that sword?

But it wouldn't be a Highlander interview unless we talk to Elizabeth about her experience working on the original Highlander TV series. Norman and Kevin discuses the episodes that Amanda appeared in, and their favorites. Elizabeth also talk about her favorite episodes and moments from the Highlander TV series. And last but not least, we talk to Elizabeth about the many projects she's currently working on including the documentary about Lee Meriwether, Cat Woman from the 1966 Batman movie and former Miss America in 1954, the year of the first live telecast.

On behalf of Blood of Kings, Kevin and Norman would like to thank the lovely Elizabeth for her time and this awesome interview! Oh and you get to hear Norman "fan boy" for a bit, LOL! Enjoy the show!

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