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Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast Episode 78: SEE IT OR SKIP IT Part 1: Highlander Season 2

May 28, 2018
Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast
Episode 78: SEE IT OR SKIP IT Part 1: Highlander Season 2
Highlander Season 2: See It or Skip It? The Seacouver Episodes!
Kevin and Norm are excited to discuss the Highlander Television Series again at length and detail! Your Blood of Kings hosts wanted to take a very special look at Highlander SEASON TWO with fresh eyes and a fresh perspective and weigh-in, per episode, on whether you should SEE IT - OR SKIP IT! We always recommend new fans to Highlander to watch all episodes, but for a re-watch, we have our suggestions on what to See, or Skip. This is PART ONE of our review. We cover the SEACOUVER first half of season two, from episodes such as:

-  The Watchers
-  The Darkness
-  Run for Your Life
-  Unholy Alliance: Part 1 
-  And yes....even The Zone!

There are several episodes that changed everything in Highlander Season Two, and many more that also added to the wonderful Highlander mythology.

Again, we would like to thank JOHN MOSBY for allowing us to read the Season Two Episode summaries from his book FEARFUL SYMMETRY: The Essential Guide to All Things Highlander and you should have this with you as we are evaluating these episodes. You can find FEARFUL SYMMETRY: The Essential Guide to All Things Highlander at Please support John and this book because it really is the ultimate resource for Highlander fans.
This particular fun podcasting format was inspired by Kevin and Norm's friends Bill Smith and Dan Davidson who on their podcast TREKGEEKS, review Star Trek seasons in this very same manner and advise to their listeners regarding which episodes are worth their viewing time and those that can be set aside.
We would LOVE to hear from all of you out there in the Blood of Kings listening audience to see if you agree or disagree with our list on this episode so please make sure to get in touch with us!
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