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Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast Episode 71: Highlander The Raven / Episode Review Part 2: The French Connection

March 14, 2018
Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast
Episode 71: Highlander The Raven / Episode Review Part 2: The French Connection
Kevin and Norm continue their discussion on Highlander THE RAVEN with PART TWO of a two-part in-depth look at two incredibly pivotal episodes of the first and only season of the series: A Matter of Time and The French Connection.
Once again, our beloved Elizabeth Gracen takes center stage as AMANDA, our favorite mischievous cat-burglar from Highlander: The Series. Along with her intrepid co-star Paul Johansson as the relentless Nick Wolf, and in the very best of the Highlander: The Series' traditions, they return to the city of Paris and a location that is very near and dear to the hearts of Highlander fans all over the world. Also returning is the legendary Valentine Pelka in a completely new role as the charismatically evil "James Bond level" of villain...Andre Korda.
According to the great JOHN MOSBY, "A Matter Of Time / The French Connection are the watershed episodes for The Raven, the moment where the series fully embraces its Highlander more ways than one." - Fearful Symmetry: The Essential Guide to All Things Highlander
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