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Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast Episode 48: CIMOLI’S CHOICE: Take Back the Night Pt. 1 The Retrospective

August 9, 2017
On this very special CIMOLI’S CHOICE episode, we have the Blood of Kings editor extraordinaire Mike Sellers who was really excited to delve deeply into one of his favorite episodes of all time: Take Back the Night!
In his own words, “Not only am I a sword nut, but I'm a bit of a history buff. I didn't take classes in college, I went to art school. So any history knowledge I have picked up is from my own research. Give me swords, history and a strong female character and I'm all in.” 
One of the key elements in this episode is the aspect of “Mortal versus Immortal FRAILTY” and how Immortals DO have the ability to weigh and judge and continue their crusades over the generations, whilst mortals who share their lives amidst the game are always in harm’s way. Like Ingrid in The Valkyrie...DO Immortals have the right to become judge, jury and executioner because they have the ability to risk more to do so? More importantly...have the time to maintain and foster that ever-burning grudge spanning decades if not centuries?
Another reason why both Mike AND Norm love this episode is because of its close connection with Highlander: THE COLLECTIBLE CARD GAME where CEIRDWYN was one of the more interesting Immortal Personalities (or PERSONAS) to play as she relied heavily on the strength of her allies, much like she did in her episode Take Back the Night
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