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Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast: Episode 096: THE CULLODEN TRILOGY - PART 1: Take Back The Night / Culloden Battle History

November 19, 2018
Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast: Episode 096: THE CULLODEN TRILOGY - PART 1: Take Back The Night / Culloden Battle History
One of the most powerful aspects of the Highlander TV series, are the flashbacks that showcase the early adventures of Duncan, his fiends, and his enemies. As fans, we especially love the flashbacks for the historical impact it had on the immortals that experienced it first hand. One of the most important moment's in Scottish history is the rise of the Jacobite rebellion and their defeat at the Battle of Culloden, that took place north east of Inverness Scotland, on April 16th, 1746.

- Three pivotal and fan favorite episodes of the Highlander TV series centered their flash back stories around the Battle of Culloden. Your Blood of Kings Highlander Podcast hosts Kevin and Norman call these three episodes, "THE CULLODEN TRILOGY". In the first episode of The Culloden Trilogy Kevin and Norman will discuss the Highlander TV episode TAKE BACK THE NIGHT, and the important subplot history that episode had on the events following the Battle of Culloden. 

- Kevin and Norman also give you a history of the Battle of Culloden itself, and the impact it made on Scottish history which includes the bloody battle itself, and the aftermath it had on the people of Scotland.

- In the "Roundtable at Joes" segment, Kevin and Norman give their Part 1 of 3 Special Retrospective on last years Highlander Worldwide TV Show 25th Anniversary  Gathering Convention, Crown Plaza Los Angeles. on October 20-23, 2017 

- Also, Kevin met Highlander Alumni actress Laurie Holden! Laurie is more well known for her part as Andrea on The Walking Dead. But Highlander fans know her better as the character Debra Campbell in the season 4 episode "Homeland". Laurie Holden gave Kevin some very interesting Highlander trivia about filming that episode, including actress Kristin Minter, who played Rachel MacLeod. 

A sneak peak into the next topics of THE CULLODEN TRILOGY!

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