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Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast - Episode 05

July 12, 2016

In Blood of King, we cover and discuss ALL things related to the Highlander franchise and for the past several episodes, we have focused a great deal of attention towards the legendary television series of the 1990's.  But there are so many different and fascinating dimensions to this incredibly rich property; audiobooks, novels, anime, fan-fiction and for this show in particular - Collectible Card Gaming.  On this episode of BoK, we are going to take a different look at the franchise as your Chronicler Norm and special guest and NEW Fandom Podcast Network crew member Mike Sellers review Highlander: The Collectible Card Game!

Based on the Highlander franchise of films and television series- players simulate the form of a sword duel with players alternately playing attacks and defenses and win when their opponent is utterly exhausted or, as in keeping with the lore of Highlander, when they lose their head!  Yes...even in the card game...THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!  Please enjoy our trip down memory land as Mike and I discuss how we first started with the game, the epic nature of the Jersey Disco fries, our humble beginnings as burgeoning players, and how a small game from Kanas City, Missouri continues to make an impact in gaming communities almost 30 years later.

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