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Blood Of Kings 129: Edwin ‘Itsi’ Atkins - 1986 Highlander: New York Production Manager 

May 20, 2020

Blood Of Kings 129: Edwin 'Itsi' Atkins - 1986 Highlander: New York Production Manager 

In this special episode of the Blood of Kings a Highlander Podcast your hosts Kevin & Lee interview a very special guest. We are proud to welcome legendary movie production and location manager Edwin 'Itsi' Atkins!

Edwin was the Production Manager for the original 1986 Highlander movie during the New York filming locations. Edwin's vast experience of production management and working within the New York area made his involvement on the legendary 1986 Highlander film an obvious choice. We discuss with Edwin many topics with his experience working on the New York locations on the original film, including some of the challenges and some scenes that were filmed, but never made the final cut of the film.

Edwin also discusses his experience getting into the film business, casting Denzel Washington in his first paid roll, and working on many other films before and after Highlander like Clear and Present Danger, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Remo Williams the Adventure Begins, The Big Easy, Avenging Force and Out for Justice.

Kevin and Lee would like to thank Edwin 'Itsi' Atkins for being our special guest on Blood of Kings!

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