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Blood of Kings 100: 100th Episode Spectacular! THE ONE WITH ALL OF THE QUESTIONS!

January 14, 2019
Blood of Kings 100: 100th Episode Spectacular! THE ONE WITH ALL OF THE QUESTIONS!

This is it! Our 100th Episode Spectacular! THE ONE WITH ALL OF THE QUESTIONS! Blood of Kings has reached a milestone. Join us, and celebrate with us, this 100th episode special! This episode is also bittersweet, as it will be Norman's last episode as a regular co-host for Blood of Kings.
Blood of Kings co-founder and co-host Kevin Reitzel, is very excited that Blood of Kings was going to reach the 100th episode milestone. With it also going to be Norman's swan song as co-host, Kevin asked Norman how he wanted to celebrate this special episode. Norman said, "Lets give it to the fans!". So Norman suggested we ask the fans to ask us anything they want about Highlander in general, and maybe ask us about subjects that Kevin and Norman hadn't yet covered on Blood of Kings. 

We wanted the fans of Blood of Kings to dictate the topic of this show, because Kevin and Norman really wanted to show their appreciation to the fans and listeners of the Blood of Kings Facebook Group and Podcast. The contribution of the Blood of Kings community of fantastic fans couldn't be ignored! So Kevin and Norman also decided to hold a contest for this 100th episode special. At the end of this episode, Kevin and Norman will award the winners of the top three questions a special prize! The winners will receive Blood of Kings Lanyard and Blood of Kings Team Iron Pipe Patch that were exclusive to last years Highlander Worldwide Convention held in Los Angeles, CA, October 2017. 

Again, a special thanks to all of the Blood of Kings fans and listeners. We couldn't do this show without you!  Kevin would also like to thank his fellow immortal, watcher and Highlander brother in arms, for his contribution to the Blood of Kings community, and family. Thank you Norman, for everything!

We are one! We are brothers!

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