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Blood of Kings 093: A Highlander Podcast: Norman’s Spain Batallador International Blackfencer Sword Tournament!

October 16, 2018

Blood of Kings 093: A Highlander Podcast: Norman's Spain Batallador International Blackfencer Sword Tournament!

- Norman's Sword Tournament In Spain!

On this weeks episode, Kevin interviews his Blood of Kings Highlander Podcast co-host Norman about his recent trip to Spain and his sword fighting tournament participation at the 1st Batallador International Open, that took take place on September 21 to September 23 2018, at the Mora de Rubielos castle, in Spain.

Norman's passion for H.E.M.A. (Historical European Martial Arts), and all kinds of sword fighting, knows no bounds. When Norman had the chance to travel to Spain and compete in a sword tournament, at a historical and very old castle, he jumped at the chance! Norman recounts his tales of exploring Spain with his teachers and fellow sword fighters, and meeting wonderful new friends, and how this became an unforgettable weekend. Norman had the chance to explore parts of Spain, take in the culture and of course live as they do, by sampling their best food and spirits! Norman also dives deep into the actual tournament itself, the 1st Batallador International Open! Kevin and Norman discuss all of the fine festivities, classes and competition this event had to offer.

- Surviving Highlander Character Return Wish List!

Also discussed in this weeks episode, is the Blood Of Kings Facebook Group post that Kevin posted about on which certain surviving characters that we wish would had returned in the TV series or in a movie. Which surviving immortals or mortals do you wish would had returned for another TV episode or movie to flush out their character a bit more or how they’re relationship with Duncan or Connor or others could have evolved? Kevin and Norman make their suggestions and read the comments from fans about this fascinating topic.

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