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Blood of Kings 092: A Highlander Podcast: What REAL Historical Figure Would You Choose To Be Immortal?

October 1, 2018

Blood of Kings 092: A Highlander Podcast: What REAL Historical Figure Would You Choose To Be Immortal?

On this weeks episode, Kevin and his guest co-host, fellow Fandom Podcast co-founder Kyle Wagner, discuss what historical figures would had made fascinating immortals in the world of Highlander. This awesome topic was inspired by Blood of Kings co-host Norman Lao, when he posted this very question on the Blood of Kings Highlander Fandom Facebook Group. 

Norman's post was born from an idea he had while watching the Highlander TV episode MODERN PROMETHEUS, which included famous historical characters Lord Byron and F. Braun McAsh's Hans Kirschner.  Also, while watching the movie AMADEUS, one of Norman's favorite movies, he would loved to have seen Antonio SALIERI as an Immortal, especially F. Murray Abraham's version. Just think how maddening it would have been for him to endure Mozart's legacy for all that time...OR...would he use his Immortality to wipe out all traces of that legacy?

Although Norman couldn't make the recording of this episode, Kevin and Kyle did find time to record a short segment with Norman about his topic, and how he was inspired by the possibility of immortal historical figures. We also read many of the Blood of Kings fans posts and responses to Norman's thread about this topic on the Blood of Kings Highlander Fandom Facebook group. 

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