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Blood of Kings 090: A Highlander Podcast: CIMOLI’S CHOICE - Promises, Part 2: The Commentary

September 17, 2018

Blood of Kings 090: A Highlander Podcast: CIMOLI'S CHOICE - Promises, Part 2: The Commentary

While Norman was off in Las Vegas participating in competition sword fighting at CombatCon, his Blood of Kings co-host KEVIN, recruits fellow Highlander expert and the main editor for Blood of Kings...MIKE SELLERS. 

Duncan Macleod: "I made a promise to someone, one I could not keep. Sometimes I think a man of honor does what he swears and says to hell with the consequences!"

In the last episode, Kevin and Mike discussed why the HIGHLANDER TV SHOW season four episode...PROMISES, is Mike's CIMOLI'S CHOICE! Mike went into great detail why this episode is one his favorites. Is Duncan a Hero, or a Hypocrite? The episode PROMISES challenges Duncan Macleod's honor, pride and vanity. In this episode, Kevin and Mike bring you their very informative and descriptive COMMENTARY of... PROMISES.

Duncan saves the life of President Hamad, a visiting politician, whose assistant is Immortal Kassim. But it turns out Kassim was arranging the assassination of the cruel Hamad to allow Nasir, descendant of the Moorish kings Kassim served, to take over the government. Now Kassim wants Duncan to kill Hamad in order to repay an old debt that Duncan owes him. It's a promise that Duncan struggles to keep.

So please join Kevin and Mike for this descriptive and fun COMMENTARY, of this PART TWO of two episode look at... PROMISES, enjoy!

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