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Blood of Kings 081: Methuselah’s Trilogy - LEGACY, The Retrospective

July 3, 2018
Blood of Kings 081: Methuselah's Trilogy - LEGACY, The Retrospective
Welcome to a special Blood of Kings episode, the first act, or part one, of what Kevin and Norman like to call "THE METHUSELAH'S TRILOGY". The Highlander Television series of three episodes that center around the mysterious and magical properties of The Methuselah's stones. Our retrospective and commentaries for these episodes start with the Season 2 episode "LEGACY". Then continue with Season 4 episodes "TIMELESS" & "METHUSELAH'S GIFT".

In the episode of Blood of Kings, we look back at the episode that started the Methuselah's legend, with a retrospective of the Season 2 Episode "LEGACY". In this episode we are first introduced to Amanda's origins including the introduction of her mentor, master, and original keeper of the "Methuselah Stones", Rebecca Horne. Things get complicated when one of Rebecca's former students, Luther, kills her for one of the stones. Then Luther seeks out Rebecca's other students, whom she bestowed each with a separate stone in good faith, including Amanda. Luther seeks and legendary power of the Methuselah Stones, that are given to its holder when all of the stones are brought together.

Standing in Luther's way is Duncan, who whether Amanda wants his help or not, leads to an exciting climax. But the question remains, is the power of the Methuselah Stones real or just legend? Duncan is skeptical, Amanda is curious, but the threat of Luther's end game is real.

We hope you enjoy this special episode of Blood of Kings 081: Methuselah's Trilogy - LEGACY,  The Retrospective.
Are the Methuselah's stones as powerful as Luther believes them to be? We are excited to explore this question, and bring you Part 1 of The Methuselah's Trilogy, with LEGACY!

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