Time Warp: The Lost TV of the 1980’s

March 14, 2017

Inspired by FPNet's own Kevin Reitzel and his 1986 Flashback specials comes change and fun as the Fandom Flashback has become the Time Warp where we go back into the past and take a look at a defining show, moment or something that had a huge impact on Fandom.  In this, the first trip into the Time Warp Kyle leads Kevin, Norman and Davis on a look back at the lost TV Shows of the 1980's.  Everyone remembers the A-Team, Dallas, L.A. Law and many other TV staples of the 1980's.  However these shows are the shows where maybe they are still back there in the cobwebs of your mind or you have forgotten them all together.  Do you remember Street Hawk? Amazing Stories? The Master? Voyagers? Join us on this journey through the warp, find out if Kyle can stump the guys, Is Kevin a member of the Max Headroom Cult, can Davis make any action figures from any of these shows? and is norman secretly working on a new career as a singer of TV Themes?  All these questions as well as TV shows you might go that really never exisited (but oh you would be so wrong).  Let's Enter the Warp and see what mysteries will be uncovered!

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