The Road to Wrestlemania 33 with Michael Morris

April 1, 2017

Kevin is off this week as he is working with a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world, or it is a snake handlers convention they say Cobra and awful lot.  However fear not because WRESTLEMANIA is upon us and Kyle has recruited Michael Morris to come on and talk all things Wrestlemania.  Will the show live up to the hype? how bummed is Kyle that it is in Orlando but like Celebration he will miss it because of the tax trap he is in.  Will Michael Morris reveal his broken name??  Who knows? but listen and find out as they go for the tag team titles in the latest edition of Culture Clash with no disqualifications!  (Editor Note Kyle had to do this show out of studio so it could get out timely so we apologize if the sound quality is a little off this week.)

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