FPNet Presents: The Endzone a Weekly NFL Wrap Up

September 14, 2016

Wait who let sports into our Network???  It is all good one of the things here at FPNet we pride ourselves in is that all Fandoms are represented, this one is for all you NFL fans out there.  Kyle and Kevin bring you the Endzone a look back at the action of that week in the NFL as well as a look ahead to the next week and some Fantasy Football talk as well.  Put that helmut on grab the shoulder pads and get in the huddle!  This is going to be a lot of fun.

In this weeks trip to the Endzone we discuss some of the crazy finishes in Week 1, as well as some of the craziness in the league, we then dive into some of our fantasy football highlights as well as a look ahead to the things we are interested in seeing in week 2.


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