Fandom Podcast Netwok: Civil War Special

May 17, 2016

It's Hero Vs. Hero and we love it.  Civil War is here and Kevin, Kyle and Matt are all here to talk about it.  We go into are likes, dislikes (Wait what dislikes?) and are thoughts on the film and where the MCU is headed.   The first part of the podcast is spoiler free, about ten minutes in the spoilers hit and the hit hard so be warned.  It's a fun ride though and really only one thing to say Avengers........ 

Editor's Note: This episode does have some sound quality issues due to some technical difficulties, we at the Fandom Podcast Network try to put out the best quality product possible but sometimes technology gets the best of us.  We apologize for this but know we are continuing to work everyday to give you the best product possible!  Thank you and remember to love your fandom!!


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