Fandom Flashback: Robotech Part 01

July 4, 2016

The Flashback is Back!  After exploring the world of immortals and swords we take things in a total 180 as we now look at Fighter Pilots, Aliens, Incredible Transforming Mecha and Space Battles!  That's correct the topic of the new Fandom Flashback is the classic Anime ROBOTECH.  In the first episode of this series Kyle, Kevin, Norman and Special Guest from International Waters Alan R. Ryan talk about their love of Robotech and their first experiences with it.  Later we talk some of the history and Robotech's place in anime history as well as one of it's key creators Carl Macek and his place in Anime.  If you stick around long enough you might even hear some impressions and a song might even break out!  Sit back and enjoy going on this Fandom Flashback!

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