Fandom Flashback: 1986, The Movies. 30 Years Later. Part 4 of 4

December 2, 2016

Welcome to the Fandom Podcast Networks special presentation of Fandom Flashback: 1986, The Movies, 30 Years Later. In this special edition of the Fandom Flashback we will cover the year in movies for 1986. Could this possibly be the best year in movies? We will debate this throughout this 4 part special.

This is Part 4 of 4 of the Fandom Flashback: 1986, The Movies. In the episode, we will cover the movies released in the months of October, November and December of 1986. A sample of the movies covered in this fourth and final part of this series are:

- The Color Of Money
- Soul Man
- Jump in' Jack Flash
- Sid & Nancy
- Hoosiers
- The Mosquito Coast
- The Wraith
- Star Trek lV The Voyage Home
- Heartbreak Ridge
- The Golden Child
- Three Amigos
- Little Shop Of Horrors
- Platoon

We also take a look at the pop culture of 1986, including music, and the first top 10 Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame musicians inductees in 1986!

Your hosts for this time travel journey back to 1986 are Fandom Podcast Network Co-founders Kevin, Norman and Kyle, and fellow Fandom Podcast Network family member Davis Grayson, who will give us a special segment on the toys of 1986.

We also have a special guest dropping in from down under, our friend of the show Alan R Ryan from Ausfans Radio from the Gold Coast of Australia! Alan is a huge movie buff, and gives us his take of the movies from 1986!

At the end of the show we also tease next years Fandom Podcast Network's Fandom Flash of 1987! We ask the question, which year is the better year for movies, 1986 or 1987:-)

Fuel up that DeLorean with the flux capacitor, slingshot around the sun aboard a captured Klingon Bird of Prey, and take a step into that blue Police Box as we travel back to 1986, in the middle of this Decade of Decadence.

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