Culture Clash: A Tribute to Bill Paxton

March 4, 2017

Everyone knows his face even if you might not know his name. (Most of you do know it)  One of the most accomplished and well respected if maybe not even underrated actors of our Generation died much to soon at the age of 61 but we all have a movie we remember him in.  It could have been Hudson in Aliens (perhaps his most famous role), Chet in Weird Science, His turn as Morgan Earp in Tombstone, perhaps it was stormchaser Bill Harding in Twister or even as Brock Lovett in Titanic.  Bill Paxton was in a movie we loved and for most of us many movies or TV show.  In this episode of the Culture Clash we pay tribute and express our love and admiration to Bill Paxton.  Mostly though we are here to say thank you.  Please join Kyle, Kevin, Norman and Erin as we remember the great Bill Paxton.

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