Culture Clash: A Beru Stew Special Star Wars Celebration 2017 Wrap Up

April 28, 2017

Yes you read that correctly Beru Stew the latest segment on Culutre Clash dedicated to all things Star Wars is getting launched with it's own special right out of the gate!  Join Kyle (who still did not get to attend celebration but he is not bitter at all) as he brings down four yes count them four prophets from the Jedi Temple to preach the story of Celebration 2017.  First off it TV Star and FPN Co-Founder Kevin Reitzel!  Next up getting of the couch and making a run with the Death Star plans is FPN's own Davis Grayson! Then stepping away from the tables at the Cloud City Casino the "Glorious One" Michael Morris is here!  Finally the cherry on top, the Man, the Myth, the Legend, he has been prepping us for the last year and led the countdown Matt Clifton rounds out the quartet!  They guys talk about their stories and experiences at celebration and everyone weighs in on their thoughts on the Last Jedi, the upcoming 4th and Final Season of Rebels and of course lines lots and lots of lines.   So sit down grab a bowl so we can fill you up with all of this amazing Beru Stew!

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