Culture Clash 55: Rebel Girl, Din and a Corvette

August 4, 2017

It is the latest episode of Culture Clash with a special Beru Stew Segment as Kevin and Kyle welcome in Din of the band @F-105music to discuss their new Star Wars tribute song Rebel Girl as well as how the band got their start and the inspiration for this song.

In the news we discuss the announcement of the Episode 9 rewrite as well as some of the Han Solo pics Ron Howard has been releasing.  We also talk about Mark Hamill getting a street named after him in San Diego as well as Sony buying Anime distributor Funimation.

In Buy it, Stream it or Unsee it we get Kyle's thoughts on Dunkirk, Kevin's thoughts on Valerian and Atomic Blonde and Kyle talk about his experience meeting Kevin's movie wife Kate Beckinsale this past weekend at the Tampa Bay Comic Con.

Kevin then pulls out the Mark Hamill film Corette Summer for the DVD Vault the story of a boy a stolen car and a trip to Vegas!

It is going to be a fun show so let's do this thing!

Rebel Girl Video Link



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