Culture Clash 53: Lao and a New Doctor

July 24, 2017

Kevin is still out travelling the outer rim but have no fears the teleporter has been activiated and FPNet Co-Founder and Blood of Kings host Norman C. Lao is here to help pilot the Culture Clash Ship.  What a ship it is for this episode as we dive right in with the news that blew up the internet as we have a new and female Doctor!  We also discuss the news from D-23 as well as recognize the passing of some true Hollywood Legends.  With Norman here it also means it is time for a new Trek N 10 and we discuss all the latest with Star Trek Discovery as well as look at how the internet has been reacting to the show before it has come out.  Then in a special Buy It, Stream It or Unsee it we look at the HBO Western Deadwood.  With Kevin away the Video Vault remains locked but no fear as we can just stream from Kyle's Kloud in honor of the new Doctor, ATTACK THE BLOCK.  All of that and so much more on this Lao filled edition of the Culture Clash!

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