Culture Clash 49: The Trial of the Raider Nerd

June 26, 2017

It is the event of the year as it is the TRIAL OF THE RAIDER NERD!  Guest Michael Morris from Cloud City Casino is here to confront Kevin about the group of 80's films that he had not seen (Including Beastmaster and LadyHawke) will the RaiderNerd be able to keep his Fandom Card???  The court drama will be intense!!!  

Oh Yeah there is also a new episode of Culture Clash as well.  Leading off with Beru Stew the guys discuss all the Han Solo film happening and what it could mean for this film.

When we Let's News we remember Adam West, discuss the new trailers for Game of Thrones and Black Panther, Discuss the Star Trek Discovery release date as well as HBO possibly doing a Watchmen TV series.  Finally We discuss all the happenings from E3

In Buy It, Stream It or Unsee it could we have our first ever unsee it with Tom Cruise's the Mummy, plus we talk Cars 3, Rough Night, All Eyez on Me and the Sci-Fi Channel show Dark Matter.

Kevin open's up the DVD vault and brings us Just One of the Guys and we discuss the recent top 50 Good Bad Movies list done by the Ringer.  We also learn just how passionate Michael is about Godzilla 98 (and it is not a positive passionate)

Finally the verdict is rendered on the RaiderNerd will he survive the trial or be lost into Fandom Oblivion?????


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