Culture Clash 48: Things get Wonderous

June 5, 2017

In the latest edition of Culture Clash Kevin and Kyle get some summer jobs!!!  However they still have time to bring you the latest edtion of the Clash.  First off they guys talk about their con going experiences over the Memorial Day weekend at Momocon and Megacon which then gets Kevin looking back at an old Star Wars Convention he attended (could it be Celebration .5??)  Kyle then has to yet again question Kevin's 80's cred as it was discovered he just watched Ladyhawke for the first time (first V now this!!!)  In let's news we talk about the latest in Pop Culture and it is a Huge Amazonian filled Buy it, Stream it or Unsee it as the guys talk Wonder Woman (With Spoilers), Baywatch, the new Pirates movie as well as TV shows the Expanse and Wings.  Finally Kevin pulls a double feature from the video vault.  We are ready to commence our watch, lets do this thing!

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