Culture Clash 37: Good to See you again Mr. Wick

February 11, 2017

John Wick week continues!!!  That is not all Kyle & Keving have done some work around Culture Clash and there are some news sounds and some new segments, but first the guys talk what they are looking forward to with John Wick 2 as well as dive into the news, talking about Ben Affleck Leaving Batman, Peter Capaldi Leaving Doctor Who and also a look and tribute to Richard Hatch (Apollo from Battlestar Galactica fame).  They discuss the return of 24 in this weeks Buy it, Stream it or Unsee it.  Also Kyle found a Magic 8 Ball but this one asks the questions and this week it want's to know the top 8 Keanu Reeves films from the guys.  Add in Matt Clifton's countdown to Star Wars Celebration discussing the recent guest announcements and a few other details and it is a full show.  We haven't even gotten the pick from Kevin's DVD vault yet either.  Just remember no business in the Clash and try not to make to many Dinner Reservations!

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