Culture Clash 35: Under Renovations

January 20, 2017

It is 2017 and it is a new year which means we are also going into the second year of the Fandom Podcast Network and Culture Clash.  So we are looking to spruce things up and see what we can do to make the place a little more lively (no Kevin you do not get a Raiders Disco Ball).  This week Kyle and Kevin get into the latest news on Star Trek Discovery, Woody Harrelson being cast in the new Star Wars Han Solo Film, the announcement of the new Nintendo System the Switch and a few other tidbits.  Then they dive into reviews of several movies that have come out over the holiday season including LA LA Land, Passengers, Sing, Sleepless and a few others.  Put your hardhats on and join in as we start the new year the way only Culture Clash can!

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