Couch Potato Theater: Tron Legacy Commentary

April 20, 2017

Welcome to the latest episode of Couch Potato Theater as we close out are look back on Disney's Tron Franchise.  In 2010 almost 30 years after the orginal Tron came out the sequal finally came in the form of Tron Legacy, perhaps one of the most visually stunning movies of all time.  However even a full all out marketing blitz by Disney and an amazing soundtrack by Daft Punk could get Tron Legacy in the black, much like the original Tron film it has a very strong cult following but numbers did not translate when it came to the box office.  Join Kyle Wagner and Kevin Reitzel as they return to the grid to bring you a commentary of Tron: Legacy and why both of them feel it might be a superior film to the original Tron.  Grab your popcorn hop on the couch and try not to get Derezzed!  End of Line. 

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