Couch Potato Theater: G.I. Joe the Movie A Retrospective

August 9, 2017

30 years ago following up on the 1986 release of Transformers the Movie hasbro followed it up with the release of their other huge 80's property G.I. Joe with the release of G.I. Joe the Movie which turned into the finale for the classic G.I. Joe TV show.  Featuring the Talents of Don Johnson, Burgess Merideth and of course the Legend Sgt. Slaughter!  While some give this film some grief it meets all the requirements to be a Couch Potato Theater Film.

Join host Davis Grayson as he welcomes FPNet Co-Founder Kevin Reitzel as well as Andrew E.C. Gaska to the couch as they dive in head first to bring you this retrospective on the 1987 animated cult classic G.I. Joe the Movie! Yo Joe!

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