Couch Potato Theater Episode 11: Tron A Retrospective

March 22, 2017

Greetings Program!  That's right the couch is going to the Grid.  The first part of our three part Tron look back starting with our host Davis Grayson getting Fandom Podcast Network Co- Founders Kevin and Kyle digitized and onto the grid.  The guys look back at the history of Disney's Tron franchise from the movies to the toys (who doesn't want a Lightcycle) to the video games (Tron stand-up arcade one of the top 5 stand up machines ever??).  Will look back at why this franchise has endured even though it has never been a huge money making boon for Disney but has a cult following that keeps it alive.  We cover both films as well as the Animated series Tron: Uprising.  Grab your identity discs and bring your game because we are off to the Grid!  Try not to get Derezzed.

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