Couch Potato Theater Episode 01- Transformers the Movie (1986 Animated)

July 15, 2016

Beyond Good, Beyond Evil, Beyond Your Wildest Imagination!  That was the tag line in 1986 when Transformers the Movie came out.  Join us on a special look back as Transformers the Movie celebrates it's 30th Anniversary.  The Fandom Podcast Network proudly brings you it's newest show Couch Potato Theater!  Join Kyle as he looks back on this classic animated film, joined by Davis Grayson & John Mills.  The guys discuss their love of Transformers, the quest for the toys and the impact this movie had on the toy line and TV series.  Then listen as they do a commentary, there will be laughs, there will be joy and their will be sadness (Optimus!!!!!!).   It's a trip down memory lane for all Transformers fans!  Until that day, til all are one!

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