FPNet Special: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

March 31, 2016

Kevin and Kyle are joined Matt Clifton as they get together and discuss Batman V Superman and the opinions are all across the board on this very hot button movie.  Join them as they laugh, cry and say WTF over what they just saw!  The opinions are all over the board and the thoughts are flying, enjoy the show!

Culture Clash Artist Spotlight: Willis Lucero

March 25, 2016

Artist Willis Lucero aka ArmoredFoe joins us for the first Ever Artist Spotlight on Culture Clash.  We talk about the things that have inspired his art, which leads to a great conversation about 80's toys and Mecha Anime.  We also discuss what it is like to be an artist in todays internet world.  Finally we talk about our mutual love of the UFC and discuss the recent Connor McGregor Fight and the upcoming Jon Jones V. Daniel Cormier card.  Special thanks to Willis for joining us!


Culture Clash Episode 04: A Trailers we shall go!

March 16, 2016

Kevin is on vacations, what is Kyle to do!  No worries Matt Clifton makes his Culture Clash Debut in a big way as we talk about the new Civil War trailer in all it's glory and what effect it might have on Batman V Superman.  We also hit up the new Game of Thrones trailer as well as our normal news, the Star Wars Segment and the first ever Culture Clash feature on the state of Anime right now.  Enjoy the ride!  Let's do this thing!

The Fandom Flashback: G.I. Joe

March 8, 2016

Here it is the first episode of the much talked about FANDOM FLASHBACK.  We open up with G.I. Joe a subject near and dear to our hearts here at FPNet.  Join Kevin and Kyle as they discuss the toys, comics and TV Show.  They also have some outstanding interviews as others share their fandom and passion for both G.I. Joe and Cobra.  We learn from some expert G.I. Joe cosplayers on what it takes to be a real Joe!

This is a long episode but full of passion and love for those who fight for freedom wherever there is trouble!  Yo Joe!!!!!  Take note for the special announcements at the end of the episode ;-)


March 7, 2016

It is the 30th Anniversary of the original Highlander film and we are here to celebrate the immortals in the way only we can.  Join Kevin Reitzel and Norman C. Lao for this special commentary here on the Fandom Podcast Network!

Culture Clash Episode 03

March 5, 2016

Up to episode 3 and you still like us!!!!!  In this episode we tackle the Oscars and how the show went and go over our head to head picks from last episode.  We also hit the news talking about a lot of the casting news over the last few weeks from Iron Fist to the Dark Tower.  In our Star Wars segment we talk about the reveal of the new disney Star Wars park artist renditions as well as the new Poe Dameron comic.  Kevin hits us up with an new TFA character spotlight.  Followed by a very special new segment you which we are going to save the surprise for you.  Finally we have Norman C. Lao on to discuss podcasting, fandom and most importantly Highlander! The next subject of the Fandom Flashback!  Enjoy the ride and remember you can e-mail us at fandompodcastnetwork@gmail.com