Fandom Podcast Network: Deadpool Special

February 20, 2016

Because the Merc with a Mouth is just to big for a single segment!  This is a special edition FPNet podcast on Deadpool, join Kevin and Kyle as they discuss the amazing impact the movie has had in it's opening week and what it could mean for the future of comic movies.  Then Cat Cedar joins in as the gang talks about their reactions and thoughts on the film itself.  Sit back and enjoy the podcast.  Now with more Chimichanga 

Culture Clash Episode 02

February 17, 2016

Yes because someone demanded it Kyle & Kevin are back with episode 2 of the Culture Clash (we promise no clones)  However we will hit up all the pop culture news, Introduce our new regular Star Wars segment, including a new weekly feature Star Wars TFA Kevin's Character Highlight.  We will the tackle our oscar picks and have some fun with that.  We then announce the newest member of the Fandom Podcast Network who we hope will bring some international spark to the show.   Closing out with some things to come and some crazy quotes.  Hop along for the ride and enjoy your fandom!

Culture Clash Episode 01

February 4, 2016

Welcome to the flagship show of the Fandom Podcast Network THE CULTURE CLASH.  Join Kyle Wagner and Kevin Reitzel as they launch the first episode in their own unique way.  Learn what the Culture Clash is about and some about the hosts.   Then hang on as they dive into the news talking about Star Wars, Possible DC Relaunching, the upcoming Oscars and even a bit of talk about the upcoming Big Game.  Then it is into a bit of a preview of things coming up in 2016 which leads into a discussion about the upcoming Deadpool movie as we get a special interview with a member of the network to get some outside hopes and history on the Merc with a Mouth.  There are some movie reviews and then a special announcement at the end of the show!  Enjoy the ride and remember we want your feedback!